Script statement: Disconnects a connection to the AE system


:DISCONNECT Connection, Name




Type of connection
Format: script literal, script variable or number

Allowed values: "USER", "HOST" and "HOSTGROUP"
"USER" = Connection of a user or user group
"HOST" = Connection of an agent
"HOSTGROUP" = Connection of agents belonging to an agent group


Name of a user, user group, agent or agent group
Format: script literal, script variable or number


This script statement can be used to disconnect connections to the AE system.

Users or user groups must belong to the same client as the object in whose script this script statement is used. A UserInterface message informs the user that the connection to the Automation Engine has been interrupted and that logging on again is required. This does not result in an error if there were no active connections to the AE system. If users or user groups are invalid, script processing is aborted and an error message is sent.

:DISCONNECT used in combination with "HOST" or "HOSTGROUP" does not terminate the agent but ends the connection temporarily. The agent reconnects to the Automation Engine as soon as the next signal which checks the agents is sent. Disconnecting an agent connection is useful when a new communication process starts and the agents  rearrange. Use the script element :TERMINATE to end an agent.

Instead of specifying individual agents, you can also indicate an agent group. The termination then applies to all agents that belong to this group.

 This script statement can only be processed if the user or agent is authorized to "cancel" processes.


This example disconnects the user "SMITH/AE" from the AE system.


The agent WIN01 is disconnected from the AE system.


Below, all database agents are disconnected.


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