Documentation (DOCU)

The Documentation object allows you to document the interrelations and dependencies of objects in your client configuration. It is client-specific and can be freely defined by the user.

Object Definition


The configuration of your clients can be quite complex since there can be many dependencies between objects and tasks. Therefore, providing detailed descriptions of these interrelations is essential for optimizing maintenance. In the Documentation object you enter and maintain the client information that you deem appropriate.

Please be aware that the Documentation object and the Documentation pages are two different things, although related. In the Documentation object you provide cross-object information that pertains to the client you are logged into. The Documentation pages, on the other hand, provide details on a specific object.

Defining Documentation Objects

A Documentation object definition is made up of the following pages:

The Version Management page only contains saved Documentation object versions if this function was activated in the UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS variable.