Event Object (EVNT)

Event objects trigger events based on pre-defined conditions.

Object Definition

Active Event objects are mostly in Sleeping status. They change to Active as follows:

Intervals and conditions applied to the object are defined in the workflow's task properties, e. g. Time & Dependencies or Preconditions.  For more information see Defining Workflows.

Defining Event Objects

The steps for defining Event objects (EVNT) are the same as for any other Automic object.

  1. Define the settings on the standard pages that are always available for all objects:
  2. Define then the necessary parameters on the pages that are specific for all executable objects:
  3. Define the Event specific settings. There are three Event object types, namely:
  4. Optionally, enter the script to be processed with the event in the Event Process Page.
  5. You can also modify the Event Attributes, if necessary

After Defining an Event Object

Event objects can be included in Schedule Objects (JSCH) and thus be executed automatically at predefined times and/or intervals. Likewise, they can be part of workflows (see Workflow Definition — Overview).

Of course, you can also manually execute, restart or stop them. For details see Executing Event Objects.

In the Process Monitoring perspective you can then follow their progress and access the reports and statistical information associated to them.

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