User Object (USER)

The User object records the logon settings, the user-group and folder assignments and the access rights and privileges of a user.

Object Definition


To access the Automation Engine system you must define at least one user. Single users are created as User objects.

The first user of a new client must be defined in system client 0; then it must be assigned to the already existing client. To move the user to the target client you can use the Duplicate/Link/Move and Move To... functions from the context menu. If this user has the required privileges, all further users can then be created in the numbered non-system client.

The user name is composed of the name of the user and his/her department separated by a slash. A maximum of 200 characters is allowed for this combination. 

Users in Client 0

By default, the client 0 contains the following User object/password combination:

Note the following:

Users in Clients 0001 to 9999

If you have created a local user and assigned the required authorization to it in a numbered non-system client, you can use this local user to add further users in the client.

Defining User Objects

The steps for defining Users are the same as for any other Automic object. This section describes the settings that are specific to only User objects.

A User definition is made up of the following pages: