Data Types and Formatting

As a developer and object designer, you define the attributes of User-Defined VARA Objects on the Variables page or on the Attributes sub page (for STATIC and XML VARA objects). In the Data & Formatting section, you specify the data type and format of the value that is rendered by the VARA object.

Note: The data type of BACKEND and FILELIST VARA objects is always Text and it cannot be changed. The data type of EXEC, MULTI, SQL, SEC_SQL, SQLI, SEC_SQLI and STATIC can be changed at any time.

This page includes the following:

Data Type: Text

Enter an alphanumeric string. The system removes blanks at the end of the string, leading blanks are kept.

For VARA objects with this data type you also define the following parameters:

Data Type: Number, Time, Date, Timestamp

For VARA objects with these data types you also define the following parameters:

Changing the Data Type

Changing the data type of a VARA object is possible except for BACKEND, FILELIST and XML.


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