Watch the Video: Configuring Workflows with VARA objects

This video illustrates how you can separate object configuration from automation logic in Workflows, Actions and Action Packs to work more efficiently.

Usually, Workflows need input parameters for processing. These parameters are configuration values such as Agents, Login objects, and so on. These values can change over time, and they might also be different depending on which system your Workflows run in (for example, development, test or production).

Instead of manually changing the configuration values in all your Workflows and systems, you can store those values in variable (VARA objects). Then, you reference the VARA objects in your Workflows. There are various ways of referencing VARAs in Workflows.

This video explains how to define VARA objects (specifically STATIC and XML VARA objects) to store configuration values. It also illustrate how to reference those VARA objects in Workflows, depending on specific scenarios.

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