Style Sheet (XSL)

Certain reports, particularly some SAP reports, can be very long and complex. Style Sheet objects provide the necessary code to modify their layout to make it user-friendly. In a standard installation, Client 0 comes with predefined Style Sheet objects that provide SAP reports with an easy-to-read layout.


When defining an SAP job you can specify which additional, SAP-specific reports should be generated. These reports can be long and complex. In a standard installation, client 0 is supplied with the following ready-to-use Style Sheet objects in the Stylesheets folder:


They contain the necessary code to format the reports and give them a user-friendly layout.

Each object corresponds to a specific SAP report. By default, they are already assigned to their respective report types in the UC_REPORT_STYLESHEETS variable (see UC_REPORT_STYLESHEETS - Style Sheets for XML Reports).

You cannot display a report with a style sheet if

  • no Style Sheet object has been assigned to the report type.
  • the report has not completely been transferred due to an error.
  • the report is very long and must be transferred page by page.
  • the XML data cannot be correctly parsed.

Defining a Style Sheet Object

An Style Sheet object definition is made up of the following pages:

You can define your own Style Sheet objects to either modify the layout provided by the standard ones or create completely different ones.

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