Scripts (SCRI)

Script objects let you write and reuse scripts that provide internal processing instructions. The scripts in Script objects are executed in the Automation Engine itself, and not on target systems.

Although Script objects are executable objects, they do not go through the Processing stage. They end after they have been generated and their status changes to Finished during runtime. For this reason, their behavior is slightly different to that of other executable objects.

Defining Script Objects

A Script object definition is made up of the following pages:

Write your script on the Process page using the Automation Engine scripting language.

Note: You cannot include Job Control Language (JCL) lines in Script objects.

Executing Script Objects

For all executable objects except Scripts, the following two checks take place after the object has been generated (see Generation):

  • Sync object dependencies
  • Maximum number of simultaneous tasks that are allowed

Since Script objects do not have a processing stage and end immediately after generation, only the script itself can be synchronized. For this reason, in Scripts these checks take place before generation, also if you select the Generate Task at: Runtime option.

Restarting Scripts

When you restart a Script object, it is always generated at activation time. For more information about the Generate Task at: Runtime/Activation time options, see Generating at Activation or at Runtime.

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