Setting Up LDAP for Automic Automation Kubernetes Edition

LDAP enables users to log onto Automic Automation by using their company-wide credentials.

To use LDAP over TLS, you must use the Java work process (JWP). It requires certain configuration to connect to the LDAP server, such as defining the JWP keystore configuration. In the Automic Automation Kubernetes Edition, the keystore file of the JWP is passed on to the AAKE system using Kubernetes secrets. Therefore, you must create the jwp-keystore Kubernetes secret for the LDAP server before installing Automic Automation Kubernetes Edition.

You can do so by using the following kubectl command:

kubectl create secret generic jwp-keystore --from-file ./cacerts

After installing Automic Automation Kubernetes Edition, if the jwp-keystore secret exists, it is automatically mounted in all JWP pods using the default path '/usr/server/bin/secrets/jwp-keystore/cacerts.

This default path must be set also in the JWP_KEYSTORE_PATH key of the UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS variable. For more information, see JWP_KEYSTORE_PATH.

Note: You cannot change neither the secret name nor the default path.

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