Compatibility Information for RA.Informatica 5.0.0

Compatibility Information
RA Informatica Solution
  • Oracle Java 1.7 
  • Oracle Java 1.8 
 Installation Hint
Ra.Informatica is compatible with AIX, Linux and Windows. On AIX please use IBM Java. The RA Informatica Agent does not have to be installed on the same OS as the Informatica PowerCenter application. If you choose to install on another compatible OS, then Informatica command line utilities must be installed.
  • Informatica Corp. Informatica 10.0 (Manufacturer End Of Life since 2019-11-15)
  • Informatica Corp. Informatica 10.1 (Manufacturer End Of Life since 2020-06-15)
  • Informatica Corp. Informatica 9.6 (Manufacturer End Of Life since 2018-03-31)
  • Informatica Corp. Informatica 9.6.1 (Manufacturer End Of Life since 2018-03-31)
  • Informatica Corp. PowerCenter 10.2 

Dependencies for RA.Informatica 5.0.0

Sub-Component RA.Informatica 5.0.0 depends on Components depending on RA.Informatica 5.0.0
RA Informatica Solution
  • Automation.Engine » AutomationEngine (minimum version Automation.Engine 12.1)
    Version Hint: All version information relates to the latest patch available for the major/minor version listed above.

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